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2019 Ya Moon Pinot Noir

2019 Ya Moon Pinot Noir

When people think about growing things, it is usually the sun that garners all of the attention. It’s obviously crucial, but overlooked is the power of the moon on the cycles of plants. The moon’s force changes the levels of the ocean so you can be sure that it also has influence over other essential matters on our blue planet. 

It is in tribute to this dance with our closest neighbor that we create “Ya Moon.” (Vecino means “neighbor” in Spanish by the way. Coincidence?)

The Vecino Vineyard, from which this wine hails, is farmed biodynamically, a farming philosophy that places emphasis on the lunar cycles. We also source the grapes for our rosé from this site and it is fascinating to consider these two wines side-by-side.

The wine was made using primarily carbonic maceration. In this process the whole clusters are sealed in a vessel that is rich in CO2.  Fermentation then occurs largely inside each individual grape at an intercellular level.  The end result of this is often wines that are bright, fresh and light as they do extract as much from the skins and have much less exposure to oxygen.

The wine was then aged for only three months in a mixture of old French oak and stainless steel. It was bottled with a bare minimum amount of sulfur to preserve it.

Ya Moon ends up being like a hypothetical bridge between our rosé and our red Pinot Noirs. The über fresh nose calls to mind what our winery smells like during the height of harvest season, full of macerated fruit and a background of fresh turned forest floor. 

The crunchy, red berry, mineral flavors will actually benefit from a very slight chill.  It is pure joy at the table and an incredibly versatile lunch companion.  As usual, this wine is versatile and endlessly quaffable, even with a slight chill in the summer.  As the French would say, it is a true vin de soif.

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