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2019 Prism Riesling

2019 Prism Riesling

“Wine is sunlight held together by water.” - Galileo Galilee

We call this wine Prism because Riesling has the power—when great—to display such an array of flavors and aromas that calls to mind the refraction of white light into Technicolor.  If there is a grape with greater range, at making world-class wines, we’ve not met it.  It often calls to mind the quote above.

After 2018 smoke damage, in 2019 we're back to our Riesling roots in Mendocino County from an organically farmed vineyard with 50+ year old vines. By most standards this wine would be considered very dry.  We do leave a small amount of residual sugar in order to enhance its versatility at the table.

As mentioned in previous notes about our Rieslings, we are suckers for Thai, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian cuisine.  We make our Rieslings, mouth watering, thinking about pairing those flavors. Don’t limit yourself though; this is probably one of the most versatile wines in our collection.  Fried shrimp, roast chicken, avocado toast, oven roasted carrots.  This wine will crush will all of them and more.

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