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2018 Kiser Vineyard Pinot Noir, UPPER Block

2018 Kiser Vineyard Pinot Noir, UPPER Block
Six Bottle Maximum

The Kiser Vineyard Pinot Noirs are a fascinating study on variations of a theme. All are specifically Kiser and more alike when compared to other vineyards. However, when tasted as a set, they are all distinctive among themselves, each showcasing a different expression.

2018 Kiser Vineyard, Upper Block, Pinot Noir // The upper portion of the vineyard has thinner soils and tends to produce more high-toned, ethereal fruit. This one shows off bright red berries, coniferous forest and minerals. [Previously called the "En Haut" block.] 

An intensely pitched wine from the top of Kiser including the 114, 667 and 777 clones.  An exciting blend of racy, red and blue fruits intermingled with fine-boned tannic structure.  The upper block really shined in this cool vintage.  

Kiser Vineyard is one of the last vineyards in the Valley. In this chilly corner, harvest is often up to a month later than in the southern part of Anderson Valley, only 15 miles south. The hillside vineyards sit on a thin layer of topsoil over sheets of fractured sandstone and shale. The upper block is slightly warmer and harvested first. Its wines are high-toned and bright. After millennia of erosion of the hillside, the lower block has deeper soils and thus broader, deeper flavors. A local vineyard worker remarked it was the coolest vineyard in AV.



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Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Anderson Valley
6.4 g/L
Bottling Date
September 8, October 5, 2017
Alcohol %