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2017 Rhoda Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

2017 Rhoda Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

In 1848 Walter and Rhoda Anderson left Missouri in covered wagon to seek fortune during the Gold Rush in California.  Soon they pushed further west of the Sierras seeking some respite from the crowds that had descended on the area.  They eventually stopped their journey and settled down in what is now known as the Anderson Valley after their sons discovered it as a hunting heaven.

This 2017 vintage of Anderson Valley Pinot is our third release at Reeve.  While it marks the first usage of “Rhoda” as the name, it also possesses some other first time attributes.  While it still contains portions of the Tanbark Mill Vineyard as in years past, it also has components from both the Kiser and Wendling Vineyards.  These neighboring sites are the last two vineyards in Anderson Valley, and both are remarkably cool.  They are capable of a high-wire act of elegance, tension and depth that is coveted in Pinot, but rarely seen displayed so evidently as those qualities are here.

The soils in this area belong to the Bearwallow-Wolfey series and feature a thin layer of topsoil on top of sheets of fractured sandstone and shale.  Climactically, it is normal for these vineyards to be the last to flower in Anderson Valley and usually are among the last to be harvested, soaking up the moderate cool September air and developing layers of depth and nuance.

At this early point, the Rhoda is still a baby.  It has tons of primary fruit flavors and bursts out of the glass with brightness and vividness.  You can enjoy it in the short-term for its freshness and vibrancy.  It probably wouldn’t even mind a slight chill.  In the medium to long-term this wine certainly has the spine and stuffing to age.  Given its pedigree in vineyard composition, this wine will likely develop many layers of intrigue over the years and reward 15—maybe even 25—years of cellaring.  

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