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Reeve Wines

Our Estate

The Reeve estate is just a short drive from the town of Healdsburg, up the winding country roads and sweeping bucolic hillsides of Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley. The sprawling property is distinctly Sonoma, the epitome of Northern California’s natural beauty. The surrounding wildlands are thick with native Manzanita, Madrone, and California oak trees, broken only by undulating rows of vines.
At the end of a long driveway you’ll find our tasting room with open-air veranda, housed in one of the property’s Mediterranean-style casas, and a little further uphill, the villa retreat. The modern interiors, curated with works by contemporary local artists, foraged florals, and vintage treasures, pay homage to the golden state’s storied past and poetry, the romantic notion of California in all its glory, today and yesteryear.
An afternoon tasting at Reeve is a slowed down, low-key experience. It’s casual, convivial and relaxed, akin to spending the day at a friend’s home, a nod to our Midwestern sense of hospitality.
Aside from our growing acreage of estate vineyards predominantly planted with Italian grape varietals, we’ve cultivated a farm garden with fruits, vegetables and flowers destined for the tasting plate and table. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by our dog Bosco, the unofficial, original banshee—and his daily rotating posse of visiting canines—a herd of eager goats, and a flock of indifferent chickens. There is a harmony to this place and its convergence of forests, vines, and creatures, wild and somewhat tame.
It is a California wonder, wild and full of spirit, come share its beauty and drink up the fruit of its bounty.